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Accessories for Bombs


Everything you need to hang your Bombs can be found below. 

Everything you need to hang your Bombs can be found below. 

Accessories for Bombs
Picture of 5/16" Quick link
5/16" Quick link
5/16" Zinc Plated Quick Link for hanging your bombs.
Availability: 423 in stock
Picture of  Slings - 11mm x 30cm Dyneema ( Set of 2 )
Slings - 11mm x 30cm Dyneema ( Set of 2 )

A great uniform length at 30cm/12 inches to hang any of the Atomik hanging products.

"I use the slings with quick links to hang my Bombs. I like that they rotate easily and quietly plus they are easy to slide out of the way when I want to use the bar for other things" Kenny Matys

Color: color of the slings will vary but we will always send a matching pair.

Availability: 188 in stock
Picture of 5/16" Proof Coil Chain: 2 lengths of chain at 5 links long each
5/16" Proof Coil Chain: 2 lengths of chain at 5 links long each

We sell this 1/4 inch zinc plated chain in 5 link lengths. You are buying 2 sections of chain that are 5 links long each. 


Availability: 21 in stock
Picture of Pull Up  Assistance Band
Pull Up Assistance Band

Maximize workout intensity! This heavy duty assistance band has many applications but today we are going to use it to be able to get in volume workouts on the Bombs.

They are super thick and highly resistant to wear and tear. Bands are 4.5 mm thick and 41 inches long.  

All bands have a layered design, which minimizes the chance of them breaking at a single connection point. If a band gets nicked, it won't snap easily because multiple layers help to keep it intact. This product may contain dry rubber or natural latex. Color shipped may vary from photo. 

Depending on how you extend your legs (straight down, bent with feet behind you etc) will determine how much weight the band will help. The below chart shows how much weight you can expect it to help.

I need to warm up and so do you. I also can't do full weight pull ups every day. You simply don't maximize your potential working out that way. I have mine set up so when I walk by, I do a set of 15 to 20 reps with the band. Low intensity, high volume. When you are feeling warmed up and want to crank off a set, do full weight.

This band will take off 50 to 90 pounds of weight.

Click here to see a video of the assistance band in action.

Availability: 22 in stock
Picture of Traingle Quick Link for Assistance Bands
Traingle Quick Link for Assistance Bands

Use this 5/16 inch Triangle Quick Link to hang a resistance band from.

Resistance bands are sold below and not included.

Tech Tip: Install a bolt hanger in between a set of the Bombs and attach resistance band/triangle quick link set up to it.

Thumbnail photo examples are found at top right hand side of this page.

Do not purchase this link to hang the Bombs from. Choose an oval version for the Bombs. This Triangle version is for the resistance band only.

Availability: 24 in stock